Monday, September 07, 2009

...well nothing that amounts to anything productive at least....program planning....well whenever I get to it or shall I say feel like it.( for some reason I have a really hard time to come to terms with it's back to work is up with that?)

All I accomplished today was next to nothing, I went through my stash of "I want to do this one" and just wonder where and when do I start and with which one? The list is very long, it includes kits and just patterns which I really loved. Some will be huge projects that will take what will seem like forever, no quickies here and probably all beyond my capability.
Sometimes I wonder how I managed to do certain patterns, how did I actually pull this off, like "Liberty" or " Liechtenstein Castle". And who can forget the infamous red bag with tons of projects started and never finished, some started as little as a few stitches, some half way done and some well in the "forget about it" stage. Why is it so hard to get back into an old one that I started, why did I stop working on it in the first place? And why start a new one, when you have already 3 or more on the go, where will they end up? In the red bag? On the wall? Or the forget and never be seen again pile? Who knows?
However I did pick up my "birdwatching" one again today, and was surprised how little I had actually done on it, not much beyond three little eggs, but I love the colours on it and I want to finish it, and I also started a no brainer, 24 project this morning....woo hoo all and everything not to have to program that is what I call being the MASTER OF PROCRASTINATION. Oh well....they and I get over it really fast.....


jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

You know we should be finishing things for the rest of the year and the RED BAG is screaming really loud to be emptied.

New Year, New refill.

ME said...

lol sounds like a plan................................maybe!