Friday, July 17, 2009

Well that was f***** up....but still had a great time afterwards

Yesterday three of us embarked on a trip to Toronto to attend the annual Just for Laughs Festival at Massey Hall. We left on time, to get on time to Oakville to pick up the last of our group and to venture from there to Toronto. Well we drove and everything went fine until we hit the Ancaster Area and everything came to a standstill, still not really being to concerned about traffic, since it alwasy seems to be an area that is plugged up with cars. Well we stood and we stood and we stood, traffic was moving every ten minutes for a couple of feet, through traffic reports on the radio we found out that there was a roll over between Mainstreet and York Boulevard and the highway was closed for Police what? We finally made it to the Aberdeen cut off and got of, to take Dundurn Castle Street,get onto York and then eventually join in with the Highway after the accident site, well it sounded good in theory, but the execution of the plan was totally fucked up. Time was passing faster than we liked, and we came fast to the conclusion that there is no way to be in Toronto by 7pm, at that time it was almost 7 and we were still on Dundurn Castle Street, just below Main Street. We counted more than once 8 to 10 red light changes without even moving a foot. It was frustration. In the meantime our Oakville person was trying to get tickets for the second show which started at 9:30pm, but we would have to pick up the tickets at the boxoffice before 8:30, well even this sounded almost impossible and the mood in the car sunk radidly, since it was a Star Gala Show we have been waiting for for weeks. So we sat in the traffic for hours and hours, without really getting anywhere. When we finally got on York Boulevard and hoped to join in again on the highway, the on ramp was closed off. So we followed it along and got on the 403 by the Highway 6 cutoff and even that was messed up, since they changed it and you first have to go half way up the hill now before you can go back down and join the 403, but then it was smooth sailing into Oakville, we got there at 7:40pm. So we hoped that there was no real traffic going into Toronto, and it must have been the lightest traffic I ever travelled into the city, we made it there by 8:15, parked, got our tickest and a quick bite to eat and then stood in line for the show. The line up was huge and around the block, as we stood there, last in line, more people lined up behind us, and I made a joke about well I hope this is the line up for the show and not just a line up, because we all know how people tend to follow others without even thinking. The guy behind me must have heard me and taped me on the shoulder, I turned around and it was a guy from TSN Sportsdesk( mind you I don't really watch that a lot, but I had definitely seen him before and I overheard his converstation afterwards talking about his job with some friend) and he asked me, if we were in the line up for Just for Laughs, I said yes, I think we are and he just laughed.
We had great seats on the balcony, first row, so you could see the stage perfectly, we knew that Jeremy Hotz and John Pinnette where the Headliners, but what we didn't know what who the other guys were and omg, it could have not been better, we really got the creme de la crop of stand up comedy from Just for Laughs. First up was Greg Proops from "whose line is it anyway", then there was John Caparulo, one really funny irish comedian called Jimeoin, who was hilarious, and then of course the headliners. We laughed so hard and cried from laughing, it was absolutely amazing and incrediblle. I just love going to comedy shows like that.

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