Sunday, July 05, 2009

Breaking all the rules and having a great time at it!

Last evening I went to a usually very dreaded event, when we used to be on the other side of the fun, as supervisor in a city facility, but yesterday I was a guest at one of those functions, and I must admit, it was my very first one at that. But having been a supervisor prior at those kind of events, it was really hard not to pick things apart at all the rules and regulations that were broken, but hey not my facility, not my event, none of my business and I was just turning it into a joke, Betty covered my eyes, as the shooters made their rounds and I didn't see things, didn't hear things and sure didn't say things. In all actuality I didn't see it as a big deal, and I do agree that some of these rules are ridiculous and stupid, but have to be enforced, if you are the supervisor. But I wasn't, to be honest, I haven't seen a staff member all evening, not at rounds to check things out, not at clean up time, not at closing time, not once, so maybe there are a little bit different rules for different facilities, which I really can't see.But again not my business, nor was I gonna let this get in the way of my fun, and fun I had plenty. The music was great, the company was even better, funny that I am more part of this family then of my own, and they all treat me like one of theirs, and it is so much fun to get to know them all and more. The Groom-to-be is an absolute cutie, and his bride-to-be an absolute sweetheart, a delightful couple and I wish them all the best.
Food was plenty, so was the alcohol, but I behaved and only had one drink and one Jello shooter, and that was enough for me. As always the later it gets the more the party gets going, the door prizes were amazing, the raffle prizes even more...and of course there was like at all these events the infamous wheelbarrow of booze. In my twisted mind I said to Betty, watch out I will win this, even though again it is against the regulations...and well the number came up.......441....and guess who had it... well no other than MOI. Omg! Instantly I was the envy of the whole crowd lol...I couldn't believe it....why me lol...was my first thought, then I thought, well this could be fun....and boy as I loaded it on the back of the Jeep, reality hit, I had more booze in my car than I probably ever drank in my life.....what a way to start your own bar (54 bottles of beer, 16 coolers, 10 bottles of the good stuff like Baileys, Polar Ice, Bacardi, Kahlua etc) I will be set for the big event next week. lmao.....and maybe even share a drink or

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~an eye for threads~ said...

oh my goodness. I would hate that you would get in trouble with all that at your house if anyone from work happened