Thursday, March 12, 2009


One of the most frustrating things in life is buying clothing and finding the right size at all times. What fits in one size from one store has to be in tent size from another just to squeeze in. And who ever believes that "one size fits all" actually does fit all? Well it doesn't fit me....well actually I put of those undergarments on that one fits all, it's on, but how I am gonna get out of it...well that will be questionable, probably need scissors to cut myself out of it, I know it's hard to just breathe right now.....phew....
Buying pants is the worst, if it fits at one spot, it doesn't fit anywhere else, and sometimes you give up comfort for look or the other way around....I am more the other way around. :) With tops I can usually wing it somehow, even though I am known to buy my clothes bigger than I need too, but I just like it loose and not skin tight....but I am trying to change that....but it doesn't mean I go skintight it just means I try to go for a more formfitting style......and I just said trying. And in all honesty, nothing makes you feel better on the outside, than knowing that your clothes fit correctly and look tailored to your body, never thought "Miss Oversize" would say that, but it is true.
Another thing I have learnt is that every body is totally different, we might be like in weight but the shapes of our bodies are as unique as our personalities. No one looks like the other, and sometimes numbers can be very deceptive and really mean nothing. Kind of made me feel good the other day at the doctor when she told me I don't look as heavy as I am....I can take that as a complement, even though the number on the scale might depress the heck out of me. But it is all a number and it's all in the eye of the beholder.
Hint to myself: just because it comes in my size,doesn't mean it has to look good on would never catch me in a miniskirt, even though they do come in my size, or a tank top out in public, somethings are just better left at home...and even there it's questionable. lol.

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