Sunday, March 15, 2009

Maybe I should start listening to my

Over the weeks that my mom was visiting at Christmas time we had many mother-daughter conversation about all kind of topics, we came upon a certain topic and she told me about a conversation she had with her neighbour, who is in the same boat as she is, and with whom she has been friends from the time they moved in next door to each other, many many years ago. In their discussion they came up with all kind of ideas and excuses why they wouldn't or couldn't do something, the reasons sounded pretty lame to me and degrading to them and it showed me what they really thought and how screwed up their self image was, but now I am thinking, well maybe they had a point and some things are really better left hidden and at home, not to be aired out to other people.As plausible these reasons sound to me it still will be a very hard thing for me to give up on and to not go after at all, because deep down inside I still have a little bit of hope left that just maybe some day....just some day....maybe....things could be different....but then they might never be.

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