Friday, January 23, 2009

In a good mood

Today I am in an extremely good mood and even the thought of having the kid from hell at work this morning, is not gonna influence my feelings of exhilaration and happiness. Usually when I am in a good mood I like to share my good feelings with others and pass it on to them, so I did this morning at the gas station, the guys first didn't know what to think of it, but hey, you should take things the way you get them and maybe they will pass it on to the next person. The reason for my good mood was the nice day off I had the day before, it was a totally ME spoiling day, sometimes you just need to do something for yourself to just lift your spirits, no guilt, no regrets and definitely no looking back and thinking well I shouldn't have, well I should have and I did and it was one great day, that was long overdue. The morning I spent with my hairdresser and once again leaving there I felt like a million bucks, I must say I do clean up nicely if I want to, and that day I surely did....dressed to the nines....feeling good and proud of who I am, I actually liked myself and it showed and well not much more to say, the day just took care of itself. It really surprised me how feeling good can make your whole day just so much better. Sometimes I guess you have to fake it til you make it. Doesn't mean it's a lie or a mask, it is just a little boost from the inside. 

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