Friday, October 03, 2008

Why it won't work

Well with being stuck at the same spot for over 2 months, I ended up resulting to drastic measures of following strict guidelines to see if that would give me the boost to blast past that stucked feeling, well I can say it did, but after it was done I must admit some familiar feelings came up which I don't want to fall back on at all. I worked too hard and too long to fall back into that catagory of feeling that I won't go there, but the feelings of familiarity were definitely there. Mainly it was, oh great it's over now back to "normal", whatever normal is or was, that's why those things usually don't work, or they work but don't give you the lasting results you want, but that might just be me and my mindset. So today is the first day back to "normal" for me, and "normal" right now is good, but not perfect, but better than the way old "normal". So let's just hope the old "normal" is long gone and forgotten and not needed anymore.......and for now it works and now is all that matters and that's all I have.

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