Friday, September 05, 2008

Only time....

Yesterday was Open House at the centre and we set everything up and were getting ready for a morning of new children and their parents, it was not too busy but also not too quiet, just a nice medium, the way I like it....not too much stress all at once and it looks like we are running four mornings, that is one up from the last sessions, so that is good and it's all new kids, so we still are hoping for some of the repeats to sign up that we know didn't join Kindergarten this year, and I am pretty sure some of them will come back.
As I was busy cleaning the little chairs I received a little surprise visit from a former colleague, it was nice to see them again and it really kind of made my day, that someone would take the time to just stop by to say hi. So that was really nice.
After the Open House I went home and F I N A L L Y finished my crosstitch picture that I started in June, it's about time. And as any dedicated cross stitcher it's right on to the next one, I just hope this one will not have to go into the red bag, it's on black and it already frustrates the heck out of me. So we will have to wait and see and only time will tell.But with good company and steady encouragement I might just pull it off and that would be THE first one ever to be finished on black. :)

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PIECE OF CAKE. Now there's an idea.