Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Can I get this a sssssize smaller please?

OOOPS makes me almost starting to stutter here....well the Princess as how I will refer to my daughter from now on, wanted to go school shopping today. Well I never got the thing about having to buy new school clothes every year before school starts, at my house it was you wear what fits, that's still good enough for the next grade, so I never gave into this, not with the boys nor with little Miss Princess, I mean we bought them new shoes or whatever they really need for school, but just to fit in with the next Brantford TOP MODEL, well that's not me and I hoped that's not my kids either, but I fail miserable at that, but I also think it's a maturity and teenage age thing, ok needless to say, my boys live for clothes and though does my princess, mind you splurged with their own money and then they become very choosy all of a sudden. So she grabbed a friend and we made our way to Limeridge Mall in Hamilton, a short stop at the Dance Store to get some needed tights and then to the Mall. The girls wanted 2 hours to browse and I tagged along for a little while and then just went my own merry way. I went to the Bookstore, where they only had one Cross Stitch Magazine, can you believe it? So there was the first disappointment, I found two books that I saw looked interesting and got those, god knows how long the one hour is every morning and I need something to do. After that I browse the Disney store and the music store, where I purchased a few CDs, one for myself and one for my cousin's girlfriend. I browsed through Old Navy, I always loved this store because everything is so absolutely colourful and since I swore to myself not to purchase any more clothes for the princess ( after she just cleaned out her dressers and closet and I took 2 bags full of the most beautiful clothes to the Thrift store to donate them, some still with price tags attached), I found myself drawn to a new little princess and even though I have no real ties to her, she will be worth the spoiling, just because I want to. Well and then I came across ADDITION ELLE which is part of the Pennington Store chain, but is a little more classier, a little more pricier and somehow the clothes fit a little bit smaller than the Pennington and MXM sizes. They had a great deal on jeans on, but I made my way to the back first to check out the 50% rack of the summer stuff and some pants, hmmmmm took my usual sizes, because I know they will fit smaller, and tried them on, I had a really great sales person help me, watch out LUCY you have competition, and as I tried the jeans on I actually had to call her and ask for a size smaller. WOO HOO....who would have thunk it. The pants did fit like made for me, so I had to get them because everybody knows how hard it is to find a good fitting, comfortable sitting pair of jeans. I should have bought ten of them.... but I didn't want to overburden the credit card, even though it wasn't mine he he he.....I met up with the girls again, who found some of the things they were looking for and we went west homeward bound. With a short stop at Walmart to look for some specific style of sandals, apparently it is still cool to wear shoes from Walmart, but everybody must think so because there were none left., so a little disappointment there for the girls, but nothing that a cappuccino from Starbucks can't fix though.


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yeah but by next year it will be far more that one size down