Thursday, May 22, 2008

Where is the sun?

Well I am not really one to complain and whine about things that are totally out of my  control, but somehow these frigid temperatures are starting to get to me.  The rain and grey sky are bad enough, but does it need to be that cold? After all it's almost the end of May. So far every time I had made plans to do some outside activities on my days off, it has been crappy weather and my plans literally fell into water. I still haven't been to the Donkey Farm and today's plan of a little roadtrip had to be cancelled again, because it is still too cold and  I feel like absolute crap due to a sore throat. But with this kind of weather changes it really is no wonder that everybody is sick or getting sick. At work everybody is either sneezing and wiping snot of the carpet or coughing nasty spitdroplets into the air...... oh joy.....well I made it all winter without feeling like this, so it had to come sooner or later...and I guess it finally caught me too. Oh well, this too shall pass.

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