Monday, May 05, 2008

Another day at the office

Well due to some  tragic events in the life of others, my PIC and I will have another week of "playing" office.  As a child my favourite thing to play was "office", especially when we went to my maternal grandparents. My grandfather had this huge wooden desk, with all kinds of little fancy drawers and shelves, in his home office, he kept an old telephone( the receiver and cord) and  I used to plug it into one of the drawers as a functioning telephone, there was always plenty of paper for us to use, staplers and all kinds of other office supplies, I made  up contracts, agreements and all sorts of important papers. Sometimes I had "clients', meaning grandma or grandpa or great aunt, come into the office with pretend paperwork for me to do. Funny how serious I took all this "office work" then and now having office days, even though they are work, are more just play for me, nothing too serious and something I like to do (if there is something to do). So with this week booked up pretty much with events at the centre, we will get the chance to play office once again.
Okay now PIC, can we skip that Wednesday training? lol.......

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