Friday, October 05, 2007

I have no use for....

I understand and know that one's environment and one's experiences contribute a lot to the way a person me I have my own little issues that make me who I am and at times it's not fun to be me...and I also know that most people do judge a book by the cover, we all have done it, and unless someone takes the time to get to know the deeper side of you, you are to them what they make up in their mind about you. Doesn't matter who you really are.
My friend B. and I had extended discussions about this, and it's funny to discuss with each other what first impressions we had of each other, oh boy and were they wrong. lol.
A wise person ones said " I don't like you, therefore I have to get to know you better", and that phrase just always stuck with me, doesn't mean I like everybody...
There are things I just don't have use for ... like people who think their sh** doesn't stink, people who pick on weaker ones, people who use their position to push their weight around, people who think they are always right and there is no other way of seeing things, people who try to change others to suit their way of thinking and to fit them into their perfect little world.... we are all the same, we bleed the same, we cry the same, and for some behaviours there are just no excuses.
I know their behaviour stemmed from somewhere, but there is also something called " having character" and for me that is more important than any title, money, prestige or whatever else makes other think they are better.

Character Attributes:
Respect: Treat yourself, others and the environment with dignity and reverence.
Integrity: be honest, trustworthy and reliable, ensure actions and words align.
Responsibility: Be accountable to yourself, your family and friends, be dependable, share, give and volunteer.
Team oriented: recognize and appreciate how you and others contribute to the overall effort and success of your group.
Compassion: Demonstrate kindness, care and thoughtfulness. Empathize with others.
Humility: Be humble and recognize your limitations.
Inclusiveness: Create an environment where we honour differences and diversity, be fair.

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