Tuesday, May 01, 2007

A Day with friends

Well today must have been my lucky day... I got a phone call this morning from a dear friend, suggesting that we should go out for breakfast. I picked her up at around 10 am and we went to one of the best breakfast places in town. We enjoyed a great breakfast, great conversation and just an all around great time. Thanks PIC for the invite and breakfast, it was so nice. The afternoon I spend thinking about a dear friend who is pretty much stressed out to the limit due to the circumstances in their live, we had a brief chat about it and it is obvious that the longer it drags on the more frustrating it gets, and an usual very even tempered person turns into a little bit of a cynic, can't blame them, but yet life goes on and tomorrow is another day, maybe it's easier for me to say than it actually is to do, I don't know, I never been in that position and I hope I never will. I am trying to be supportive as much as I can, but I know things are definitely getting to them emotional too. But this too shall pass and sooner or later life will get back to "normal". The evening I spend with another friend, who I haven't really talked much over the last few weeks, mostly because of my own doing, I was just in one of my "Shut out the world" moods and it makes it hard for me to connect to people. Sometimes when I feel things are just getting too much about them, a one sided self absorbent conversation, I try to stay away for a while, because I can't handle it anymore, which then makes it worse the next time, because then so much time has passed that so much has happened that there is so much to tell me...not blaming anybody for this, it's still my own inability to totally be open with people about me and my ongoings. One day I will hopefully be able to share the way others share. Pretty sure that my own thought process of some being so self absorbent at times, makes me not share, because I don't want to come across as self absorbent, not sure how to find the fine line. Oh well, just another mystery of life for me. But anyway we had a good time and a good talk and in the end I was glad to go see her.

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