Sunday, May 06, 2007

After a long winter...

Today my daughter and I went to the Donkey Farm, it always makes me feel better when I am there. Today so I had a few mixed emotions being here, this is one place where I would have liked to take my dad on his next visit over here, but I had to realize that this won't ever happen.
I like being there the first weekend after the long winterbreak, the animals are more affectionate than usually, because they sure missed the interaction with the visitors. Apollo, a middle sized donkey, was constantly pushing up on me, he couldn't get enough pets, always nudging me and leaning his head against me. He just wanted to be cuddled. When he finally had enough he took off and laid down in the sun.
Now Hershey, my favourite donkey, was somewhere out in the fields with his donkey friends, we couldn't even see him, all of a sudden we heard the famous donkey call and here he came running down the hill into the barnyard. We recognized him right away and he greeted us with big smiles. Everytime my daughter told him to smile, he did, it was so funny and cute. But next time we will bring him a toothbrush or something to floss with. lol.
It was like always an enjoyable afternoon

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