Sunday, March 04, 2007

Don't look a gift horse in the mouth....

Wonder what ever happened to people and their inability to have just fun and not to complain about something, especially when it is given to them for next to nothing. I just don't understand how people can be like that, or why they have the need to be like that. Today we ran our annual Badminton tournament at the centre. It's an event on which we are not making any money, an event we just put on for fun for the participants to come out socialize, get some exercise and have fun. My supervisor and I have been working on it for weeks, looking for donations for doorprizes and taking registrations. I think we always have a great sortment of prizes and lots of the stuff I would like to get. The whole event cost the participants $3.00 for three hours of round robin games, a very yummy snack, free juice and water. Every single person wins something, the top winners of the ladies and gentlemen get first pick of the stuff on our prize table, mostly their first choice are the free admission cards to our program, very understandable and well deserved by the winners. Next the other names will be drawn and people get a choice of the other prizes, some take forever to make a desicion, like one's life depends on it, others are happy with the fact that they one anything at all and yet there are the odd ones who are very disgruntled with the choice they have made, like they are forced to take a prize, and old prize. I was really disappointed with the reaction of one lady, wonder why some are just never happy and always need to complain, especially if it is given to them for nothing really. This sure takes away the joy of running this tournament and the excitement of getting all these cool prizes for their enjoyment. Some just are never satisfied and happy. Oh well, it's over for another year and maybe next year we just skip the whole thing with the door prizes and just get a prize for the first and second winner. I am sure I don't want to waste my time again getting prizes for a bunch of ungrateful and miseralbe people. Hell no.

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