Sunday, October 08, 2006

A wonderful day in the country

What could be more relaxing and peaceful than going on a drive through the country side on a warm fall day with a specific goal in mind?
This morning my daughter and I set out to visit the DSC for the last time this year, as today is closing day for the public. The drive there was absolutely gorgous, sun, not a cloud in the sky and the trees in full fall colours. FOr some reason the mood at the DSC was different today, almost as something was up. The donkeys were quite rumbancious and a little bit on the frisky side. Most donkeys were in the barn, a few out on the field and some just strolling along in the barnyard. We stood at the fence for a while just watching the donkeys frolicing. There was a family with 3 little girls and the father was taking pictures of the kids in front of the fence with the donkeys, later they moved along into the field to get closer to some other donkeys. Poppy and Pansy were out there grassing peacefully as the family gathered around them, putting the kids right in front of the them and taking pictures for what seemed to be a long time, the kids were getting upset, started to scream and the father still wanted to take more pictures, when all of a sudden we hear this loud bray and Poppy comes running from the field braying and heading straight for the barn, I guess she finally had enough of the kids and that parent and took of storming and when a donkey storms, you better watch out and get out of its way, there is no way it will make a turn around you, it will run right through you if you don't move, so my daughter and I knew pretty much that is was time to get out of the straight line to the barn, because Poppy was on her way and of course it doesn't take long for her mother to chase after her and so Pansy came running in too, also she wasn't quite in that kind of a panic as Poppy was.
I understand that people want to take pictures, I do it all the time too, and I believe in bringing children in close contact with animals, but I would also expect that people use their better judgement when it comes to infringing on the animal too much. There is only so much they can take and they will definately let you know when they have enough, but does one have to let it go that far? I wish people would use their common sense once in a while. This wasn't fair to the kids nor the animal. I guess luckily Poppy was just running away, she could have easily just kicked her hind legs to get rid of them.
After that little excitement it was back to a peaceful rest of the afternoon among very loveable and gentle creatures.

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