Monday, September 04, 2006

Things are hardly what they seem...

Well after what seemed to be somewhat good news, things always come different as anticipated and what seemed to have been a somewhat routine treatment,it didn't work out the way it was expected and threw a few curveballs in the expected recovery. Like when it rains it pours. So conventional treatment can't begin until all other things are taken care off and when all is said and done, we still don't have any final test results either. Talking to my dad last week he seemed very upbeat, relieved and hopeful, well talking to him today was somewhat different, and I could hear the frustration and anxiety in his voice. There won't be any other treatment for him for at least 10 days and then one other step is hopefully being made possible to be accomplished on his way to recovery. He would have been able to come home the past weekend, but like always things come different than one thinks. Actually we can't complain about that too much, because this was a blessing in disguise and we should be grateful for this change of plans and course of recovery, even though it will make it harder and longer. But like always there is a reason for things that happen in ones life. Good or bad, there is always a bigger plan in the making. Just gotta keep faith and believe.

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