Sunday, September 10, 2006

He is sooooo cute

Well today we finally got a chance to go back to the DSC, it's been a few weeks since our last visit and it seemed like an eternity that we have been there. Besides missing all these gentle jackasses and missing cuddle time with them, we were quite curious to see the baby Odin. My daughter had the chance to see a baby donkey while in Germany, but of course I missed that too due to sickness, so I was dying to see the little creature. He is so adorable, he is already adjusting well to his place in the herd and wanders off by himself but never long without checking in with mom, who is taking very good care of him. His fur is so soft and fuzzy and his face looks like the one of a llama due to his soft bangs. He is absolutely huggable, and just the right size for the kids there. Too cute. His mother seems to adjusting well to her new home at the DSC and is quite friendly and gentle with people. After visiting for a while with the baby I spent most of my time there with Gorden, another fairly new donkey, who is still very shy around the other donkeys and mostly stands alone, he is not to crazy about people being to close to him but I managed to spend some time grooming him and taking out some pieces of hedge that got tangled up in his fur from under his chin, he stood quietly and patiently till I was done. My daughter is most fascinated with Marci and her whole donkey family, brother Gemini, mom Katy and dad Peter, who apparently takes very good care of his family and never leaves Katy's side. At feeding time he makes sure his family gets food before he lets the other donkeys get food.
I had a long nice talk with Kyle one of the helpers there and learnt a lot more about different donkeys and their nature. So it was again a lovely sunny day spent in the country, on a quiet peaceful spot.

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