Friday, August 04, 2006

Tears at the airport

That's it, it's the day to go back to Canada. The sky is already crying and it reflects pretty much everybody's mood. My sister-in - law brought my nephew over this morning on her way to work, he is coming to the airport with us. While I was hugging and saying good-bye to his mom, he remarked, that he hopes that I am not planning on doing this that long with him, because that would just be So I assured him when it was time to say good-bye at the airport, it will be just t tiny short squeeze, nothing horrible, and he seemed relieved.
At 8:30 it was time to leave for the airport, we got there at about 9:20, checked in and then just walked around to kill time. At 11 am it was time to line up for the passport control and the chance for final good-byes. As we were all standing in line my nephew pulls my arm and said to me, that he had changed his mind and I could do the good-bye thing anyway and howeverlong I wanted. That was too cute. So at the last chance I gave him a big long hug and told him how much I love him and that I will miss him. He held back his tears but I could see his eyes swelling up. After a long kiss and hug good-bye to my parents, it was our turn to go. It kills me everytime to see my dad cry when we or he leaves. Pookie was crying too, because she knows it will be a long time before the next visit. So now dry eye in our family at the time of departure.
Boarding time for the plane was at 11:30am and after some delay the plane took off 30 minutes late.
The flight was long and boring, but at least somehow the seats were wider and my ass was comfortable. We landed 10 minutes late in Toronto. It took forever to get our luggage and at 4:45pm we were finally out of the airport. Arriving back at the house at around 6 pm.
Funny how fast reality has you back in it's clutches and the visit in Germany is just a memory.
At home I emailed my dad to let him know that we arrived safe and he already had sent an email telling me that my nephew was crying in the car and was awfully quite on the ride home. He told his Oma and Opa not to talk too much about me and Pookie, otherwise he would get too upset and had to cry some more. What a kid.

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