Sunday, June 11, 2006

Fundraiser of the year

Today was DONKEY DAY at the Sanctuary. It is their main fundraiser for the year, and the usual quiet sanctuary was just bustling with people. This is their only real fundraiser to make all the money they need for the year to keep the Sanctuary running. Most of the money they will make from the admission, the book sale, food sales and the LONGEAR BOUTIQUE, where you can find all kind of donkey things.
The donkeys definately enjoyed their special day and it seemed like they knew that they were the main attraction and the centre of attention of this day. All the donkeys were out in the field and yet most of them were gathered along the fence to get some pets and the occasional treat. Some of them were getting a little bit greedy with the attention they were getting and tried to hog the people for themselves. Like little Marci, for example, a miniature donkey was kicking every donkey out of the way who was trying to infringe on the people that were giving her attention, to the point that one of the staff had to pull her away from the fence and distract her by her own personal attention from her. Marci is a very affectionate donkey, who is always ready for some affection, and she knows too how to get it.
I was a little bit worried about the crowd factor for me, because I don't like crowds at all, but I must say I really enjoyed my day in the crowd and it was definately an amazing experience to see people of all ages come out and support the Sanctuary this way. This was my first DONKEYDAY but for certain not my last one.
We met some old donkey friends and made some new ones, like Jacques, a totally brown donkey and we learnt some new things about the history of some of the donkeys and what brought them to the Sanctuary.
It was an amazing day and thanks to the help of a dear friend, I found an much faster way to get there, and maybe now I can seriously entertain the thought of volunteering there.

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