Sunday, April 30, 2006

She did it...

April 30, 2006 was the date set for the annual Classic Run in support of a variety of charities. This year it was a beautiful, sunny and warm day ( last year it snowed), so the spirit of my little runner was already better than last year and she had set a few goals for herself and since she was running without any of her friends, she was quite sure that she was going to achieve them, because she had nobody to chat with on the run. She was one of 15 out of her school to take part in this run and the only one out of her class. We had to be at the School by 9 am and take care of all the formalities and we met up with the other runners from the school and her principle,who was in charge of their group. We met up with a few old friends, we haven't seen for a while and also her last year teacher,who changed schools at the beginning of the year. He was quite surprised how tall she gotten and how much fun it still is to bug her, and she just gave him her typical shy and embarrassed reaction. At 10:30 the race for the 5k finally got on it's way, my runners goal was to make it under a certain time and improve her overall placement. Well she beat her old time by over 11 minutes and moved up about 200 spots in the overall standings, so she was quite proud of herself and rightfully so. She was especially proud of the fact that she had beaten all the kids from her school. WAY TO GO POOKIE.
I am so amazed and in awe of her determination of achieving set goals and to do things she wants to do, not matter if her friends are there or not. The determination part she definitely didn't get from me, because I still have to achieve any goals yet, well I have to set goals first I guess. I just keep going with the flow, which is not a good way of going. Maybe I can learn something from my little Runner.

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