Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Woodman Idol

I must admit I have not seen one single episode of American or Canadian Idol, I do know a little bit about the show, I recall a few winners, especially Kelly Clarkson, whose CDs play at our house constantly, due to my daughters love for her and I must say, I do like her music too. So on the weekend we held our own Woodman Idol at work, and I was part of the 3 judges. It was a lot of fun and the kids were all great. I don't think I ever had a harder job to do, I could have given everybody the highest possible points, just for the simple fact of being able to stand there and sing in front of people. Bravo! Of course you had your little shy kids, you could barely hear, but they still had my admiration for just even trying and being so brave to do it. Some of course had this natural Popstar thing about them, singing loud and on key with their chosen songs. It was amazing. It was all in fun and I was glad to see that we only had one parent who thought this would launch their kid into stardom, she came all dressed up, with make up, fake eyelashes and the whole works, so you could tell that she does that on a more serious level than what our intention was. Nothing wrong with it, but that was not what our Idol was about. It was just about having fun and nothing more. I think everybody had a great time and everybody went home a winner.

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