Thursday, January 12, 2006

Class reunion 2005

On July 23, 2005 my graduating class of 1985 held a reunion. Unfortunately my invitation got sent to the old address and returned. I would have liked to go see some of the people again, some of them I haven't seen in 20 years, it would have been possible to go since a trip to Germany is pretty much overdue, it's been 5 years since I was there. But as it went I didn't find out til it was already over and I missed it. I can be grateful though that my invitation got returned so they at least knew they had the wrong address and they made an effort to get to me the pictures, new address list, a dvd of the reunion, and newspaper articles via my parents house, which my mom forwarded to me then via air mail. It was fun to look at pictures of our school years, some pictures I had forgotten that they were taken, for example a picture taken sitting in biology class with a spitting image of my daughter sitting in the first row, well except with wavey hair. The best was the dvd slideshow of the reunion, seeing everybody all grown up. Funny, the guy who had a crush on me all through the years is the most hunkiest guy of all the guys. He was cute back then, but we were never anything more than just friends and just hanged out. Even though I knew he liked me, I was in no position to have a boyfriend. He wasn't a guy who would play games, or was macho just to impress a girl, he didn't change girlfriends like underwear, he was just an all around nice guy.I can't remember really any of my guy friends to be anything else but nice guys. I didn't know any bad boys or wild boys at all. It's kind of sad to think back to that time and see now all the things that really stopped one from doing what was in one's heart.I had a reputation to live up to( BINGO THERE IS MY PROBLEM WITH BEING CONCERNED WHAT OTHERS THINK OF ME INSTEAD OF ME BEING JUST MYSELF), there was also a lot of religious seperation, lots of status seperation, seeing it now it was stupid and not even thought of nowadays, but then it was just a way of being and you wouldn't dare go against anything. Well at least not me and most of them either, well at that time. We all get so much wiser with age.
One of my girlfriends and I decided already that when I am back in Germany for my next visit we are going to have our own mini reunion. That should be fun.

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