Saturday, December 24, 2005

Christmas Eve

The day of Christmas Eve was spent with last minute food shopping and last minute clean up. Well last minute basically lasted the whole day until about 5:30, when everything was finally done.
Around 4:30 a very good friend and her hubby stopped by for a view minutes to wish me a Merry Christmas, it was really nice to see them again, I haven't seen them, and especially her, for a long time, not that I didn't wanted, but I was just too involved with myself and my feelings. So it was especially nice to see her come over for a visit. She gave me one of my new priced possessions, an awesome crosstitch picture with a nature theme, it is so nice,I love it and it will get a special place in the moose room. She also added another moose to the collection for me and some nice warm socks, with moose heads.(yes I am guilty I peeked before Christmas, sorry, but there was no sign on it saying that I couldn't peek). It was really very much appreciated and I thank you so very much for everything.
After this nice break during my cleaning duties, I finally rolled up the cord of the vacuum cleaner and decided that was it for this Christmas and it's cleaning.
The boys had to be brought to work at the restaurant and I still had to deliver some Christmas presents and tokens of appreciation to some people. So I packed up my daughter and we went on our merry way. The first stop was her friend's house, my daughter dropped of a little bag with German chocolates and a tradtional edible German good luck charm for the New Year. When she came back to the car she held one of my all time favourite cakes in her hands, that her friend's mother had backed for us. I haven't had this kind of cake for at least over 20 + years, the last one I had like that was one my grandmother made before I even moved to Canada. So when I saw it, I knew right away what kind of cake it was, and it just made me feel so warm inside and it brought back a lot of nice memories of my Omi. They don't even know how much we, especially I, loved that unexpected little gift, that meant so much. But I am sure I will let them know what it meant to me in the next few days.
Then we went of to one of my friend's house and we visited with her and her family for a little while. Like always we got spoiled with good food there. She had cookie and square galore at her house. After a nice chat and the exchange of gifts we made our way back to our house and spent the rest of the evening quietly watching "The Christmas Story".

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