Saturday, December 01, 2012

Dec. 1: Christmas Open House

Hard to believe it is December 1st already. Where does the time go, where did this year go? I guess time is flying when you are having fun, or is it that times passes by faster the older you get? In my case it could be both.
This morning I got an early wake up call from one of my co workers asking if I could take over a shift for her, without hesitation, and with stipulation that if I get done with my appointment in time, I would definitely be there and work. And so I did. The appointment went fast and first I thought here is a fountain of information but I decided I really don't care nor do I really need to know and opted of not using that fountain, other than the normal chit chat. After my appointment I drove over to one of my workplaces, it really was just a hop and a jump away from there and I got there on time. Since that particular workplace is in the vicinity of one of my favourite stores, I used the excuse "well I am already over here" to stop by and enjoy the Christmas rush that was upon this tiny little quaint store. I ran into some "old" friends and we chattted briefly about this and that and continued each with our own browsing of the store. The store usually has tons to things to look at, but this time was even more. It was their annual Christmas Open House and the decor was just too much too look at. I did pick up a few little items, so I guess I can officially say I have started Christmas shopping. For the last few years the typical Christmas shopping at the mall has been a thing of the past for me, again because of time restraints and the overwhelming workload at work. I have been at the Mall probably twice this whole year and I am not planning any trips to it any time soon. Doesn't mean I haven't spent money shopping, because I sure have, but online shopping is so much more fun lol. I used to love the Malls at Christmas times but do not longer enjoy that. Bah humbug. Not really, but there are just so many other ways to enjoy the Christmas Season than standing in lines for hours at the mall, and really I only get gifts for a few special people in my life and some things money just can't buy. :).
The visit at the Serenity Candle Store sure has put me in the Christmas spirit and so hopefully I will be having some time soon to decorate around the house, if I should need anything, I sure know where to find it. :)


Inger said...

I so agree about the malls. We don't have any here in our small town, but we do have some shopping centers. K-Mart is the largest store, and Home Depot. That's about all. And, yes, time does go very fast as you get older. The trick is to not look back. Or forward for that matter, just stay in the now as best you can.

Tina said...

I am certainly learning that Inger, and what better teacher than the donkeys. :)

Jane Henley said...

who needs the malls when there are little wonders packed into rare corners of every city? I second your thoughts of this store being a favorite.
As always