Thursday, September 09, 2010

Today's blog is brought to you by the letter "E"

Another Wednesday at the DSC and can somebody get any more excited? Omg somebody give that donkey boy a chill pill or some downers, as everybody was getting really annoyed with him, from poor Adam, who was up all night, to the poor donkeygirls, that were tired to be mounted at every given moment to the donkeyboys who were trying to kick that annoying little intruder off them and out of their space. Needless to say Don Keyote didn't make a  good first impression and wasn't making too many new friends among his new companions. Even Hershey, who has been with him over the last six weeks, tried to sneak away from him ever so often. What was all the excitement about? Well the day before Don Keyote was brought out of quarantine and introduced to the main herd. Being a very young donkey, he was full of beans, never been around donkeys much  either and never been in a meadow that big with all those pretty donkey girls, he must have thought he died and went to heaven. All day long he was running with his head up high, his ears straight into the air, from the barn all the way out to the meadow's edge to the woods. Back and forth, back and forth, braying and jumping and just being happy, stopping at the fence once in a while to check out what else was going on, trying to mount a few donkey girls, and the occasional donkey boy, who would put him into his place right away, but he was not letting up, he was just excited. Even when he was out by the edge of the meadow, you could hear him bray all the way down to the barn, I was jokingly saying to Adam, that he is quite vocal, and Adam just laughed and said ' you don't have to tell me, he was like that all night long too'. Poor Adam, he sure looked a little tired. Well by the end of the day he seemed that his excitement had worn off a little and he seemed to have calmed down, or maybe he was just tired from doing all this running. It was kind of cute to see him walk nicely in a line out with the herd by the end of the day. Well with all the excitement he has going on in his life now, I wonder how he will be with the volunteers and visitors, since so far he has only really been in contact with staff there. He is however a very handsome and good looking donkey that's for sure, he sure looks like he was well looked after.
Now Eeyore is another new one and he was introduced to the special needs donkeys at the same time, he seems friendly, a little too friendly maybe, you can tell he was spoiled and well loved and hand feed, because he tries to get to your hands as soon as he sees them, he is also a donkey who never has been around other donkeys, he lived on a farm with cattle and was owned by the neighbours, when the farm was sold, the neighbour didn't have anywhere nor anyhow to take care of Eeyore and they visited the DSC a few weeks before Eeyore came. He is a little bit skiddish around new people, but seems to like Adam and Chantal alike. During open hours yesterday he was in the Garden Paddock with Juno, Jacques, Gordon and Bobby, and he got a few times into a little scuffle with Bobby who was chasing after him with ears pinned against his body, but Eeyore knows how to protect himself, and boy he sure has a long reach with those hind legs, hope I will never be at the end of those. Eeyore also got an unexpected visit from his former owners and he sure was happy to see him. Oh, what a bond those two had and you could definitely feel  love in the air, made me cry watching it from the boutique window, and made me immediately think of Cocoa's donkey mommy and how she must have felt, because even he as a grown man had tears in his eyes when he left. I can only imagine how hard that must be, to give up an animal not because you want to, but you have to, and what a selfless act of love that is. Awwww to love like that.
The last "e" for today is that we might have an explanation for all the soft tissue injuries, that accured the last few weeks, Buddy is down with a torn tendon in his front leg, Orly has the same kind of injury and so does Tibet, since last week. Orly also has something else going with her, but that's because of her weakened immune system, so she has two strikes working against her right now and she definitely doesn't like stall rest. So it is quite possible, that some of the mischievious donkeys have been out during the night, and by out I don't mean in the field, well yes a field, but not ours lol....apparently they found a piece of broken fence way, way out by the other side and ventured onto the neighbours corn field, well to get to it, they have to climb over this huge stone wall beside the fence, so what goes up has to come down, and that coming down part is not that easy for the donkeys, and they have been hurting themselves, so now the fence is fixed and all should be good in the fields of the DSC. Hmmm wondering if chewing on wood has something to do with it too, and Buddy is just an expert at chewing fences. He chews grooves for his neck into any piece of wood he can get his teeth on, and he is working on his stall door right now, with good progress I must they don't get enough fibre through their diet. lol Oh those donkeys! Gotta love them.


Sharon said...

Man, they sound like little kids, climbing the wall and getting hurt! Never a dull moment there!

AJ-OAKS said...

I needed a laugh today. Thanks. I could 'see' all the Excitement going on. My goodness aren't they wonderful! Now that is what I call donkey therapy for us humans. And here's a hug for you for being a part of the solution toward animals and their well being.

polly's path said...

You must never ever get bored.
You have a herd of funny donkeys to keep you going.
Speaking of donkeys, I thought about you yesterday. My naighbor who had the donkey baby just had another born, two days ago, OMG. I have never seen a cuter baby,will take his pics and post next week.

Tina said...

Sharon- you are right never a dull moment always something going on.
Cindy- Thanks for the hug, and yes the excitement was just too much and too obvious. It was kind of funny to watch, even though I felt bad for him and the others who were annoyed by him. I can't wait to find out how he is with people.
Polly- I remember that donkey baby from your blog, didn't you wanted to donkey nap it? LOL. They are just too adorable. At the DSC we only have foals if a mother comes in pregnant, the last baby is now four. Can't wait to see the pictures next week. Have fun watching him. They are just too cute and so full of personality, each and every one of them.