Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I am my own "project"!

Hmmm wonder why some people think they need to fix me or help me along in my development to be a decent all around good person, I think I am doing a good job all by myself. I know my faults, I know my short comings, I know my limitations and I know the things I don't like about me and the things I like to change, at my own pace and how I see fit with the means that I choose to work with and as I am comfortable with. If I want input I ask for it, if I want another opinion I ask for it, sometimes having another opinion is great, especially if it comes from the right place in a person's heart. Sometimes I just wonder why people seem to be on your side, but as they praise and complement you on your progress have a knife in your back that gets a little twist ever so often. Hmmmmmm? I am my own work in progress, my own master piece in the making, or the princess of my kingdom and I don't drive a MAZDA either. If you assume things about me, well then you really don't know me that well and maybe it's not worth putting any time into any kind of relationship like that. Something to think about as I trot along my own path that is right for my life. I am quite content being me!
This is my story and I am sticking to an introvert I function totally different than a non introvert, doesn't have to be an extrovert, can be even a mixture of both, but I know I am a full fletched introvert, and I need to do things my way, not because it's the best way of doing it or I think I am always right, but because it's the best way for me and safe for me, I have to check things out first before I dive into things, just to make sure it's safe enough for me...kind of like a donkey, when people think they are stubborn, they are not stubborn at all, they think things through and only do things if they feel it's safe for them. I think that is pretty smart.


AJ-OAKS said...

Hmmmm, good post. If you were everything everyone else thinks you should be, well, then you wouldn't be you! You are you and that's that. And who says there is something wrong with you? How do they know?! Hmmmm.

Sharon said...

God help us, if we were all the same! I think then we would be called robots. Who would we find interesting?

I went to the shrink once, she gave me some pills and told me to be happy, I didn't want to take pills and she said "YOU WILL TAKE THESE PILLS!!!" I believe she needed them more than I did. She hadn't even asked me what was going on in my life, that I made the appointment.

You can't go by anyone's rules, you are you. Simple as that, if you want to improve on whatever, fine, if not? Fine too.

fas said...

When the crocks are restless and running out of water they will bite at whatever or whomever steps foot in their waters. Why feed the crocks? We do what we do because that's who were are and at least we can admit to it.