Thursday, April 22, 2010

Ramblings on a Thursday morning!

Like every Wednesday evening, I dragged my FA to the Communtiy Centre to participate in my weekly Zumba class. Don't get me wrong I love Zumba, but for whatever reason I am having a hard time getting motivated, maybe it's because my knee is still sore and I can't participate the way I would like to. But I really enjoy the class due to the awesome instructor we have, who makes it fun and the great variety of movements and songs. By now we have done Zumba not just to the latin rhythms, but we have done Zumba to Tina Turner's " Proud Mary", Michael Bubble's " Save the last dance for me", Bollywood songs and of course to a lot of Latin Hip Hop. And every single one was great, now I really could do without the Calypso, omg that friggin song is over six minutes long and full power cardio....that one does me in every single time. However I do love the African ( note to PIC not friggin') Calypso. lol..but we have to wait til we get our replacement instructor again, which will be sooner than later, since Miss Gerry is off to England to attend her family reunion....lucky duck!

After Zumba I headed home and had a quick supper just to rush out the door again to spend some time with my Stitching Sisters. There were only five of us gathered around the big table, but it sure wasn't quiet with just that little in numbers. Everybody was stitching or embroidering away, except me, I was just not into it and a little bit on the tired side. But that wouldn't keep me away from that group even just to sit and listen, well and that's what I did.

This morning I am off to work, the weather doesn't seem to know what it wants to be like today, one minute it looks like it's gonna rain any second and right now it's bright and sunny. So off to work I go, to be only interrupted to take my daughter back to the hospital for some treatment and then back to work...and tonight of to a meeting, which I am not really looking forward to as I am walking in there completely blind this that's scary to me!


Louise said...

I have to go Google Zumba, because I never heard of it. Sounds like quite the workout, though.

You know, it sounds like you've had a busy week. That makes anyone tired. I hope that you have a quiet weekend ahead, where you can rest, and regenerate.

ME said...

It is quite the workout but so much fun , and that comes from a person who really neverexercise that much to begin with.
Well I work all day Saturday, so I can rest at work. lol.