Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My only sunshine!

Well don't let the sunshine and the blue sky fool you for a minute, it was friggin' cold out on the farm, the wind was just howling and really the sun didn't make any difference. Who would have thought that. It was a really quiet day on the farm, everybody was out and about grassing in the paddocks and things are slowly getting set up for the first OPEN DAY on Sunday, May 2, 2010. I cleaned the Garden Paddock, the barnyard from top to bottom,the special needs side and yes I dared to go onto the dark side. It was only Cocoa and me, hmmmm not really sure if I trust Cocoa, as I know he can be a handful and he is a big guy. But I went in anyway, he was not letting me out of his sight and kept a keen eye on me, made me wonder what goes on in his head and why did he choose today to stay all alone in the barn while everybody was outside. As I was all the way in the back, he started moving, just to get a better look at me...hmmmm not quite a comfortable feeling, I was going about my business and kept talking to him, he was just standing there, ears to the side, kicking his back leg on the concrete floor and just starring. So I thought well he doesn't seem to be in a good mood either and I thought now is as good as any time to try out my singing, mind you you won't hear me sing in public or with anybody around, and Chantal was right on the other side, but I thought either he mellows out or he takes of due to my horrible singing. His momma had told me a while ago that she used to sing "you are my only sunshine" to him all the time, and would you believe it, as soon as I started singing his ears perked right up, so obviously he remembered it, and he came slowly towards me, his ears still perked up and just curious about my singing....he came right in front of me, and let me pet him and give him an ear scratch and his and my world were ok at that moment. Phew! He stayed with me the whole time I was cleaning and it took a few wheelbarrel trips to clean out the darkside. Then he took of to be with his donkey friends. I spend the rest of my time basicly just brushing a few donkeys and cuddled with Buffy and Summer. Buffy seems to be the new best friend of Dolly, which is nice to see, Odin was chasing around with little Paco today, and Summer was like always a little pest wanting to be petted and scratched all the time, as soon as she saw you are busy with another donkey, she comes right up, leans her head against you as to say ...don't forget about me. Worther was another little pill today, I scratched his back, and he couldn't get enough of it and was bugging me the rest of the day for a scratch. I even had a hard time leaving because he kept following me right up to the gate. It's amazing to see each and every single one of them having their own cute!
And talk about again are the "The three amigos".


Louise said...

I can't see the video, but, it sounds like you had a fulfilling day. You describe those donkeys so well, that I feel like I'm getting to know them.

ME said...

Can you see it now? It's nothing special anyway lol...just the drive down the long driveway to the DSC.

AJ-OAKS said...

I can relate to this post a lot. Two years ago a rescue came in and he was, to put it nice, very dangerous. The vet or farrier wouldn't even get close to him. He was untouchable. So, I saw a challenge and took it. He was dangerous only because he was scared. So, everyday I would sit and either read to him or sing. The only ones who heard my singing were the horses, donkeys and goats. Funny, but he prefered the singing. He seemed to enjoy Steve Miller, Bob Seger, etc. In time I was able to brush him, halter him, etc... He is still here. Vet and farrier can't believe he is the same donkey. And I still sing to him. He still likes to act like he's tough at times, but he really is a marshmallow!
Keep up the singing! Hugs to you. Needs to be more people like you who volunteer their time and care.

Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

Enjoyed the ride. My heart breaks for Cocoa but you'll help to bring him along.