Tuesday, January 19, 2010

In memory of Windy

Windy was a dark brown Standard jennet, who was born in 1967. Before her admission to the DONKEY SANCTUARY OF CANADA, it is believed that she resided at a farm in Southern Ontario.
One afternoon, in Fall 2002, this donkey was found walking along a side road. No one in the area for kilometers around would claim responsibility for her. She was subsequently taken in by the local humane society.
In keeping with their regulations, this elderly donkey was placed for auction. Fortunately, a longtime supporter of the Sanctuary read the notice of the auction and, after consulting with us, acted promptly to ensure that she could be given haven at the DSC. On the day that the jennet was moved to the Sanctuary Farm, driving was difficult due to severe winds. It seemed appropriate to give her the name, Windy.
From her first day, Windy settled in comfortably to the routine at the DSC. Her failing eyesight required that she lived always in the barnyard and quieter paddock areas, in the company of other, elderly donkeys. In spite of her age, Windy was very vocal and clear about her wishes. She was inclined to stand at one particular manger where she expected that hay will be placed right at her feet at each feeding. Until this is done, she brayed most clearly at one and all as if to say, “Don’t forget me. I may be elderly, but I know what I want”!

Windy 1967-2010

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