Thursday, October 22, 2009

Random mental thoughts and visual pictures of my day off

Some made me smile, some made me wonder and ponder, and some just were....
*squirrels do love to swing in empty hanging flowerpots
*squirrells are having just as much work digging out your next year tulip bulbs as you had planting them, only problem for them
they won't remember where they buried them and you will wonder in the spring why you planted them all over the yard instead
of the flowerbed
* why do conservation parks close for the season? Nothing nicer than a stroll in the park at this time of the year
* Herons do have kinks in their neck, well at least that one did
* Coffee always tastes better with a good friend
* sign at the side of the road from an Automotive shop..advertising Giant tent sale, and the tent wasn't bigger than my back deck
( man and their perception problems of how big things really are lol)
* every body has a story
* there is always somebody worse of then you
* nothing makes your heart feel better than a hug and a smile
* It is so nice to spend hours without a negative thought or word.
* little things can be so much more important than big things
* smiling hurts your cheeks after a while
* the boys are turning 21 but act more like 5 at times
* going shopping with your teenage daughter for clothes and shoes that are not her style but are necessary for work is not fun
at all.

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