Saturday, October 03, 2009

Got it!

Woo hoo got one of the two packages from Jann Designs yesterday, and that made the choice of what to stitch first first come....first served. I knew the three patterns were sent out in two separate packages, and I guess sticking with the theme, the two apes will come in one and the donkey in the other....and since there was only one pattern in the package there was no desicision making needed. So the donkey will be my October project. Yeah I know, not suppose to start something new, but who can help it, but I rather start something new then trying to figure painstakingly out where I left off on a project a few weeks/months/years ago. It is always so much fun to start something new, I just hope that I won't get bored with it too fast, since it only has like 8 different colours and they aren't even that different from each other, but I remember the Koala took quiet some time for that reason, there came a point in time where I couldn't see another brown or beige thread.Oh well the end result was worth all the bitching and here is to progress on the Donkey...