Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Oh My! What a day! People? WTF

This will be a little bit of the top and confusing because I am confused myself right now, well I took a hard look at the mirror this morning and besides the rash and the wrinkles around my eyes I couldn't really see anything out of the ordinary, I lifted my bangs to the side and nothing...nowhere anywhere on my face/forehead is the word "stupid"pasted, I can sport a puzzled look, not that hard to do, since I am blond, and how easy it is to confuse me was quite obvious at the last Zumba class, when the instructor wanted me to move my feet one way and my arms another...who is she kidding man? Stuff happened early in the morning at work (see PIC's blog) that just boggled my mind once again at the nerve of people and what they will go through to save their own ass even though it had nothing to do with them, somehow I feel a guilty conscience coming on or? Well after work we went for a nice lunch at the new East Side Mario's. The decor was quite interesting and amazing, (someone I know would have really liked the wall colour lol), there were wall to wall to ceiling pictures on every empty square of the wall, it looked really neat. The food was good and we enjoyed some quiet time without any interruptions from anything or anybody. At around 3 pm I picked up another friend from work to start our traditional Tuesday outing, it was her first day back to work after a 7 months sick leave, so I know she would be exhausted, made me tired just thinking about her lol.....Well we went to Value Village just to browse around and then enjoyed a coffee at Williams. After that we decided to stop by the Dollarstore, now named Dollorama plus, because everything went up in price, and that's where it started and never ended my experience with well ignorant people, I usually take things easy and don't get pissy at a lot of stuff, but by the time we left there, I was more than puzzled lol...well it's all harmless things, but you know it makes you wonder what is wrong with society started as I wanted to walk in, this young father was coming towards the door, his hands fully loaded, one hand a huge bag with purchased items and in the other the baby carrier, he looked rather stressed and annoyed at the awkwardness of having to carry all this at the same time, ( in my little brain I am thinking Suck it up Princess women do it all the time), so me being raised to be polite and helpful, I opened the door to let him out, well excuse me, I stood to the side and I didn't have my fat ass in the doorway the King Shit couldn't fit through, but he just looked at me like I had two heads and opened the other door by himself, huffing and puffing and walked out, I just stood there with the door in my hand and wondered lol....well we get the things we came to purchase and stood in the line at the one cashier that was open, the line was getting long so the girl called for another cashier to open, she came and asked for the next in line to come over and start the new line...excuse me the next in line was me, by the time I muddled my way through the people at the old lineup, there was this older lady unloading her stuff, usually I don't care if someone cuts in line, like I reallly don't give a shit, but clearly she had tons of stuff, and actually was the not even in the line up yet when the other cashier opened, so needless to say I stood patiently behind her and waited and waited and waited and waited for my turn, ended up I was slower than three people that were behind me in the older lineup...go we leave, I open to door to get out, as I am used to watch who walks behind me I saw this little lady walking behind me, she wasn't quite there yet but I didn't want to let go of the door because I knew if I did the door would hit her right back on her ass, so I stood there ,hanging on to the door, just for her to grab it...but excuse me again...she didn't grabbed the door instead the walked right through like she was the fucking Queen of China, not saying "thank you" or anything....well I guess I am just too nice to people after all.
I think sometimes people don't know anymore how to react to nice and kindness of others where other just take it as a given and something that they deserve.

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my thread n eye said...

and I bet they both lived on Palace St. Good on you to stand by and assist the unassistable. Some day their door will only open one way. I am wondering why the Queen of China comes all the way to our town to shop for her own goods. Travel prices must be low there too. Maybe that's what the "plus" is for in the name!