Tuesday, June 10, 2008

What did I do that for?

Arrgggghhhh sometimes I know better than I do, and my breakfast choice was just one of the things, where I should have done as good as I know.....not that the choice was a bad one, total opposite, it was a good choice and one that fed the need and hit the spot the way things you do and like to do should satisfy one's needs. I had a lemon yogurt, yummy for sure, 0% fat, low calories, but yet yummy and tasty.....but as always anything lemony even though I love it ( especially Lemon Meringue pie, and yes I had one right in front of me the other day at work, when the IOF was there and they usually feed me or shall I say overfeed me, because besides the sliced of lemon pie, there was also a slice of apple pie with icecream on my plate that one of the members brought to me....and I am proud to say I made the choice not to eat any of it :) woohoo), gives me instant heartburn. And I should have taken that in consideration while I savered every little spoonfull, but hell this too will pass and I will live another day.

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