Monday, June 09, 2008

A total ME Day

Today was the first official day off for me for the summer. I still have to work the odd days and/or evenings, but all the programs and my regular rentals have come to an end for the season and will start to pick up again in the late summer/early fall.
I had no real plans for what I was gonna do with my first "summer day". I did some laundry, well that's like a never ending job, I sat outside in the sun for a little while and did some crosstitching, but that didn't last too long as it was very windy and I was getting tired of chasing my patterns through the backyard. I cleaned up the boys' rooms, got laundry folded and put away and at 1:30 I went to my hair appointment, which took until about 3. After that I just went to the dollar store to pick up some "Thank you" cards for the kids, who gave me presents on the last day of work. I chatted with a few friends on the phone, and then read an email from a friend that really made me a little bit angry, but I am just taking it as where it came from, from her state of mind, and she might be disappointed in me, but I have to take care of me right now, and do the things that are right for me, I can't be no good for anybody if I am not good for me, so there I took my stand, or lack of stand in this situation and let her shovel her own shit, I can't always help everybody shovel their shit, I got a lot of my own. Not proud of having to be like that right now, but that's just how it is, and if you think you are disappointed, well that's your thought not mine. And we all know about thinking too much lol.....
All in all it was a quiet day but I got lots accomplished and had fun while working on it.

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