Thursday, March 01, 2007

Another winterstorm

Honestly I think I had enough of this winter weather. But we are in for another winterstorm with snow and freezing rain. Late morning it was announced that schools would be closing at lunchtime, due to the storm. By then there was already heavy snowfall and the roads were getting slick. My boss called me to inform me that all afternoon activities had been cancelled and there was no need to come in. It's snowed and snowed, and pretty much everybody was sent home early not to get stuck in the worst part of the storm which was the pending freezing rain. At 4:30 I took one of my sons to work, and it was bad, the freezing rain had just started, the roads had been plowed and had a smooth snow surface and it was ideal for the freezing rain. It took me well over an hour to take him to work and make it back home safe. I was glad when I got home. By early evening the freezing rain had turned into rain and there was hope that tomorrow wouldn't be too bad.

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