Sunday, April 09, 2006

What a nice weekend....

What a nice weekend I had, despite some not so nice events in some friends' lives. The weather was absolutely gorgeous. I spend Saturday morning mostly doing laundry, around lunchtime I took my daughter to an Easter Craft class at one of the community Centres, it was very busy there, and I got to talk with one of our favourite customer. I helped out a little, messed up a little and had fun just being there. I was also there to support a friend who is going through some very tough times right now. At 6:30 I met my PIC for Dinner, we had a lovely dinner at the bar at Boston's Pizza and a nice fruity refreshing drink. After dinner we were suppose to go to some live music entertainment, but we opted out of it and instead decided to visit our friend and support her in her ordeal. It was really nice to see that my PIC and I were so close at working for her and supporting her. After a nice visit with her and some interesting girl talk we went home, on the way home we were kind of discussing how hard it is going to be for her and how much help she really needs. As for now, I decided to just listen, because she doesn't hear a word you say right now anyway, and advice is not wanted right now, nor do I know the right thing to say. The only thing I keep telling her over and over is what my hopes for her are and I hope one day they will stick with her. I just hope when she goes for counseling during the next few weeks that a professional can get through to her. Because right now we know we can't. So we are nothing but supportive and are just there to listen right now.
Sunday was a lazy day, I spend more time on doing laundry and did also some crosstitching. At four pm I went to work, to beat my favourite customer there, there are just some people you don't mind going a little bit out of your way to make their day. After work I stopped by for a visit with my friend. And I knew she didn't have a good day, so we just talked for a while. When I got home I logged onto the computer and found an email from a friend, I was glad to hear that they are doing ok and had the worst behind them, and I knew how much going back to "normal" was looked forward to.
So even though the weekend had some rough spots for some friends, I was grateful for the small simple things that brought joy to the days.

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