Sunday, April 02, 2006

Leaving a lasting impression

Last night I went out for dinner with a friend to have a girl talk and compare some notes and work out some details of behaviour and the reasons for it. It's amazing the things we do and the reasons we have to justify it. It's really a learning experience. After that nice dinner we went back to see our favourite Karaoke team Jeff and his dad Gary. I am so grateful ( NOT) that I left such a lasting impression on them that they even remember me by name now.LMAO. I am getting so much better at dealing with them, that the rise they would get out of me is wearing off, but not their effort to try.. Good luck Jeff really tried hard to get me to blush yesterday by singing some frisky song and changing the girl's name in the song to mine. Very funny and nice try, I am sure I blushed but not to the point where my whole face was red and I could feel it being hot. So the more I get used to situations and the more I feel comfortable with people the less this happens. So I guess like everything it takes practice. Can't wait for the next time. Jeff better come up with something good, because I will definitely have a challenge for him the next time... And I can't wait. LOL.

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