Thursday, April 06, 2006

Just for Laughs Roadshow

Last night I had the chance to see one of my favourite shows on TV, live at the Sanderson Centre. It was a touring version of the successful Montreal Comedy Festival and it was a first for Brantford. Steve Patterson was the host and did an excellent job as presenter and warm up for the other comedians. He made fun of the downtown and all the paint on shops, where he got a paint on coffee and compared that then to the Tim Horton's Roll up the rim ordeal.
First up was Todd Lynn, I have seen him on TV before and he was awesome, he is from New York City and most of his act was about him being a big fat black man.
Second up was Stewart Francis, a Canadian comedian, he didn't have a story line to his part of the evening and just served one punchline after the other, it was great. And you could hardly catch your breath between the lines.
As headliner came Greg Morton on the stage. He is famous for bringing cartoon characters to life, he works as an animator and provides the voice for several Saturday morning shows. I don't think I ever laughed that hard, he talked about kids today, his own upbringing and so on. He was amazing, the best part of his performance was his interpretation of several stars from the 80's and his renditions of his favourite movies.
It was a great evening and even though I wasn't in the mood to go after the events of the days prior, I am glad I did and had a great time and it was good to laugh out loud for the entire evening.

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